Transportation options in our area have evolved dramatically in recent years. However, the vast majority of commuters still choose to sit in traffic alone, wasting time and money.

For many, the barrier is unpredictability. What if I have mandatory overtime or need to pick up a sick kid from school? Not a problem! When you’re part of the Every Commute Counts program, you can take advantage of the Emergency Ride Home when that happens.

Even if you can’t commit to ridesharing every single day you commute, you can make small choices that make a big difference. For example, vanpooling just twice a week for a 50-mile one-way trip (for example, from Louisville to Frankfort) saves more than 10,000 vehicle miles traveled per year.

Still not convinced? Explore all the programs we have to offer and find what fits your routine best. Or contact us and we’ll help you choose.


Doing your work from anywhere around the world.

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blue and orange illustrated bike


Brush up on your cycling hand signals and join a bike crew.

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illustrated every commute counts van


Catch extra Zs or get ahead of your workday while you ride in peace.

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blue illustrated car


Save money by sharing rides with someone headed in the same direction.

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blue and orange illustrated scooter

The Last Mile

Not far to go? We still have options for you.

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blue illustrated bus


Transit Authority of River City (TARC), the public transportation system serving the Greater Louisville Region, is a great option for RideSharing.

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Emergency Ride Home

In case of emergencies.

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Getting involved in one of our rideshare programs is easy.

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