In case of emergency, call a taxi. (And get reimbursed.)

If an emergency requires you to leave work early or stay late, and you are a registered carpooler, vanpooler, bikepooler or TARC rider within the nine-county KIPDA region, the Every Commute Counts Emergency Ride Home program is your way home. Whether you take a taxi, schedule a ride from Uber or Lyft, or use transit, Every Commute Counts will reimburse you 100% of the cost of your ride including tip, up to 100 miles.

The program covers emergencies such as:

  • Your illness
  • Your child gets sick at school or daycare
  • A family crisis that requires your immediate attention
  • Unplanned mandatory overtime

When an emergency occurs download an Emergency Ride Home reimbursement form, scan your receipt from the transportation company & email it to the Every Commute Counts office. It’s that easy!

Your Emergency Ride Home means:

  • You may stop to pick up a child at school or daycare.
  • Taxi fares will be reimbursed 100% for trips up to 100 miles one way.
  • You can use the Emergency Ride Home up to four times in any year.

To be eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Program, register with us now!