What is Telework?

Telework is a work arrangement that allows an employee to perform work, during any part of regular, paid hours, at an approved alternative worksite (e.g., home, telework center). It is an important tool for achieving a resilient and results-oriented workforce. At its core, telework is people doing their work at locations different from where they would normally be doing it. This makes sense when you consider that ‘tele’ comes from the Greek word meaning “from a distance” – when combined with work it means “work from a distance”.

Emissions from traffic play an important role in both air pollution and climate change. The number of cars on U.S. roads has grown nearly twice as fast as the U.S. population, and commuting accounts for about a quarter of miles driven annually in the United States. According to the 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year estimates, in most states, drivers make three-fourths (76.0%) of these trips to and from work alone in a vehicle. In addition to stress, lost productivity, and traffic congestion, commuting also results in emissions that change the climate and pollute the air. The average Kentuckiana commuter spends 26.9 minutes in traffic commuting to and from the office. Residents in different parts of the region may commute as little as 22.5 minutes to work (Jefferson County) to as much as 28.2 minutes (Bullitt County). Employees time and reduce stress by teleworking, and employers benefit through higher productivity and employee retention.

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6 benefits to telework

Saves Money

Employees spend less on their transportation expenses (gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance), professional wardrobe, and eating out.

The Environment

With fewer cars on the highways, the safer and healthier the environment is for us all. Employers can feel good about doing their part to help our air quality.

Increases Productivity

With the right tools and a flexible schedule, employees can work anytime, anywhere, without the distractions of the office, which allows employees to be more focused and 22% more productive.

Reduces Traffic Congestion

By allowing employees to work without commuting to the office, companies can help reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and create a flexible work/life workplace.

Tax Credit

Your company could be eligible for tax credits. Check with your tax professional to determine if your company is eligible.

Employee Retention

On average, teleworking yields a 20% decrease in employee turnover.

Interested in starting telework?